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Indigenous Organizations

Make the leap to a more resilient supply chain

Indigenous organizations looking to lead the way in implementing innovative, efficient and effective solutions to elevate the well-being of their communities will find an enthusiastic partner in Silverback Systems. Instead of the high-cost of legacy ERP or relying on government systems, there’s an opportunity for indigenous leadership to deploy their own Smart Ordering System and start reaping the rewards for their communities.

What is a Smart Ordering System?

A Smart Ordering System is a centralized ordering and inventory system that significantly improves supply chain transparency, efficiency and performance.

A core feature of the system is that users browse an organization’s own catalogue of approved products where they can place orders (if authorized to) or request approval from a manager. Designed as a familiar online shopping experience, there’s no skills or special training required. Here’s a screenshot that shows what the ordering process looks like.

It's similar to Amazon...

You can think of a Smart Ordering System as an Amazon marketplace, but for indigenous organizations that require greater transparency, data ownership and granular control over ordering.

How could a Smart Ordering System benefit indigenous communities?

We can use our proven experience in streamlining Vancouver Coastal Health’s PPE supply chain to speculate on how a Smart Ordering System may create specific benefits for indigenous organizations:

  • Improved control of supply chain: A Smart Ordering System would provide indigenous communities with complete visibility over their entire procurement processes and unprecedented control over inventory management. By centralizing and automating the ordering process, they can efficiently track and manage their supplies, reducing the risk of shortages or overstocking.
  • Better healthcare delivery: With a Smart Ordering System in place, indigenous communities can enhance their healthcare delivery capabilities. By having a real-time view of their inventory levels, they can ensure the availability of essential medical items (e.g. medicine, preventative supplies, PPE, etc) to healthcare professionals in all communities, resulting in more effective healthcare services for community members.
  • Group buying power: Leverage group buying to get lower rates from suppliers. By collaborating with other indigenous communities or healthcare organizations, they can pool their purchasing power to negotiate better prices for medical supplies and equipment.
  • Faster fulfillment: A Smart Ordering System streamlines the entire procurement process, from placing orders to receiving deliveries. This efficiency can lead to faster order processing and fulfillment, reducing the waiting time for essential supplies and improving access to equitable healthcare.
  • Delivery to remote communities: The remote location of some indigenous communities can pose significant challenges in accessing necessary medical supplies. A Smart Ordering System can support the organization of delivery routes and logistics, ensuring that even remote communities receive their supplies on time and without disruptions.
  • Precise payment & cost tracking: With a Smart Ordering System, indigenous communities can achieve greater financial control, transparency and efficiency. The system allows for precise tracking of costs related to procurement, shipping, and inventory management and it can also be integrated with other financial or payment systems to streamline processes even further.

These are speculated advantages that a Smart Ordering System could offer to indigenous communities, ranging from improved control over procurement and inventory to enhanced healthcare delivery and cost savings through group buying. While reality may differ and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your specific challenges, we have no doubt that the system’s streamlined processes, faster fulfillment, and precise cost tracking would contribute to the overall well-being of indigenous communities, ensuring equitable access to healthcare supplies and services, irrespective of their geographical locations or unique challenges.

Who else has deployed a Smart Ordering System?

Read our case study on how Silverback Systems helped Vancouver Coastal Health in centralizing their PPE distribution to community sites in the battle against COVID-19. We also provide services to organizations like BC Cancer, Provincial Health Services Authority, BC Ministry of Health and the BC Food & Beverage Association.

Why is Silverback Systems the best partner for the job?

We have three solid reasons why your indigenous organization is invited to consider partnering with Silverback Systems:

  1. We’ve done it before for similar organizations.
  2. We have the right blend of expertise in software development, solution engineering, procurement, fulfillment & supply chain.
  3. We bring to the table innovations from other industries and a different mindset that legacy solutions or government organizations simply cannot match. 

What does the system cost?

To obtain an accurate quote for Silverback Systems’ Smart Ordering System, please contact us to arrange a conversation with a Silverback Systems executive. After gaining a better understanding of your situation and needs, we will prepare a precise quote with transparent pricing information.

Is there a low-risk way to trial a Smart Ordering System?

Contact Silverback Systems to explore the idea of a conducting a low-risk, low-cost pilot project within your organization.
"Our approach is to start at the outcome and then reverse-engineer a solution that is not only effective but fiscally responsible."
Gwen Martin

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