How the system works

The Smart Ordering System addresses procurement pain by layering on top of your existing inventory, warehousing and procurement systems.


The Smart Ordering System brings your organization’s ordering online, illuminating and streamlining the entire supply chain.


By automating the bulk of order approvals and systemizing communication (e.g. notifications to the warehouse), staff are freed up to focus on more critical tasks.


Using data links and APIs, your customized Smart Ordering system can be integrated with other key systems (inventory, warehouse, financial, etc) and can pull in real-time shipping quotes.


Our approach is start with your desired outcome first and foremost and then engineer a streamlined solution that doesn’t just throw more people at the problem.

Key Features

Online Ordering Catalog

Users browse your organization’s own catalog of approved products, customized by department/location, where they can place orders (if authorized to) or request approval from a manager. Designed as a familiar online shopping experience, there’s no skills or special training required.

Automated Approvals

Custom rules largely automate the authorization of orders based on key variables; reducing human error and freeing up your admin staff to focus on more important matters. Orders can be auto-approved based on:

  • Specific user
  • User’s role
  • User’s department
  • User’s specific location
  • User’s region
  • Specific product
  • Product category
  • Total order value

Manual Approvals

Certain types of orders can be automatically routed to an operational manager or financial team for their explicit approval; providing tighter inventory control, lower risk of overspending and eliminating duplicate orders.

Ordering on Auto-Pilot

At the core of the Smart Ordering System are automations designed to free up people for more important tasks. The net impact of these automations is less administrative effort, faster fulfillment, less ordering waste and less cash tied up in overstock. Here’s a look at two powerful features:

  • Predictive ordering will take into account a site’s real-world usage as well as their current on hand supplies to suggest the optimal amount of a specific supply to order to exactly meet a department or location’s needs.
  • Autoship will automatically trigger your warehouse to start fulfilling a recurring order at predefined intervals.

Spending Controls

Place limits around how much a user can spend within your organization’s Smart Ordering System. When a user hits their pre-defined spending limit, the system will automatically send a notification to their manager seeking approval.

Real-time Inventory Management

Instead of rough estimates of new supply needs, procurement officers can see with precision what inventory is “on hand” throughout the entire organization or down to a specific location (e.g. store, clinic, school, department).

Predict Supply Needs

Using real-world data on how your specific organization consumes supplies, supply chain managers can strike that perfect balance to ensure everyone has enough “on hand” supplies while avoiding wasteful over-ordering, reducing storage fees and minimizing cash tied up in oversupply.

Precise Cost Tracking

Track costs literally down to the penny associated with the ordering patterns of each group or product category within your organization; including not only which group or what they ordered but also what shipment speed they choose. This helps supply chain managers identify problem hotspots and intervene before costs get out of control.

Integrated Shipping Selection

Via an API, the Smart Ordering System pulls in live shipping rates from the major couriers (e.g. Fedex, Purolator, UPS, DHL, Canpar, etc.) empowering supply chain managers to make a smart trade-off between speed and cost.


Automated Sales Optimization

For private sector organizations, order minimums, product recommendations and free shipping incentives can structure the purchase decision for the buyer without the need for a human sales rep.

3rd Party Login

External parties, such as retailers or clinics, can get a limited login to your Smart Ordering System to place orders directly. This reduces your reliance on sales reps while ensuring the security of your organization’s data.

Integration Ready

Open, advanced integration is at the core of Silverback Systems, allowing for easy integration into your organization’s financial, accounting & payment systems, ERP, warehouse management systems, etc.


Data Accessibility

Silverback Systems is open by design, meaning your organization has complete ownership and control over your data. The ability to import and export your data to Excel and PDF comes built in.

Intelligent Reporting

Accurate and on-demand reports answer the key questions that your organization’s leaders – from top executives to supply chain staff – need in order to analyze trends or achieve key business and operational goals.


Management Tools

Useful ordering controls empower supply chain managers to do more with less. For example, your Smart Ordering System can be used to:

  • Setup order approval rules
  • Manage ordering limits
  • Track sales commissions
  • Suspend ordering privileges
  • Analyze ordering trends
  • Improve communication or prospecting
  • Track SLA and fill rates

System Screenshots

Key Payoffs

At a reasonable cost, a Smart Ordering System provides your organization with complete control over your supply chain

Take one step towards a better supply chain