Why organizations can rely on us

Why – when the stakes are high – can you count on Silverback Systems to deliver a dramatic leap in procurement performance?


We’ve done it before. Connect with your colleagues at BC Cancer or Vancouver Coastal Health to learn more about the impact our Smart Ordering System had on their efforts to battle COVID-19.


Drawing on our unique blend of know-how and experience in fulfillment, technology development, integration and change management, we deliver a fiscally-responsible solution that benefits stakeholders at every level.


We bring fresh ideas from the private sector and other industries who are ahead on the innovation curve (think: ecommerce, food delivery apps, etc). With decades of experience in third-party logistics and technology development, Silverback Systems makes these same efficiency-gains accessible to any Health Authority who’s fed up with the status quo.

About Silverback Systems

Silverback Systems (Business of the Year 2022), is a developer of intelligent ordering, procurement and supply chain software solutions for the public and private sector, specifically for health authorities, indigenous organizations, cities and municipalities, school boards and private businesses.

The common threads among Silverback System’s clients are 1.) Their mission is too important to accept the status quo and 2.) They are fed up with the pain caused by an inefficient, decentralized, outdated supply chain. As a company and as a brand, Silverback Systems was born out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 as part of a solution to ensure that personal protective equipment (PPE) effectively got to the frontlines of community healthcare. Silverback Systems has extended the system’s original functionality and has expanded to adjacent markets.

Our Clients

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